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The Light is Green


The First Step
1000 kg CO2

It's quick! It's easy! It's affordable!

We've set up this page to provide a simple way for you to show your support for the atmosphere.  The link below is the easiest way to purchase One (1) ECO-CO2 via Pay-Pal for the grand total of $5.00 US.

The merchant account will appear as:*
"paypal [at] stxvi [daught] calm"

Our ECO-CO2™ come in a variety of colors, but most of those colors are in the far-infrared, so we'll just call them "clear-light-green".

Shipping & Handling are via electronic delivery only and are included for $0.00

Upon completion of your purchase, you'll receive a beautiful hand-crafted certificate (electronic of course) that we hope you won't print (save-a tree) but are free to display, or copy to your desktop, e-mail to your friends, or link to on our server.

I hope you'll consider showing your support by buying just one ECO-CO2™.  You are welcome to buy more, sharing with your friends & family is strongly encouraged.

This is an encrypted PayPal button for your protection.

* To foil "spammers" the e-mail has been "encrypted" to decode it you must sound it out with a heavy New England accent, i.e.  "stxvi" would be pronounced like this: "ess - tea - ecks - vee - aye" while "daught" rhymes with "naught", naturally the "L" in "calm" is silent.




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