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For Active Offsetters
100,000lb of CO2

It's actually little less than 
46 metric tonnes.

While just about anyone can easily pick up a one Tonne ECO-CO2™ the "Railcar" represents a much more serious effort. We've all seen the long train of coal cars traveling from the mines to the smelters & generation stations... OK maybe not the actual train but I bet you've seen a picture of one. 

We're offering a Railcar equivalent of ECO-CO2™ for the bargain price of $100. That's 45.45 metric tonnes of CO2 for the price of 20 that's a 66% savings off the regular price. (Yes, even here and now, it's still necessary to poke a little fun.)

So what do you get for buying a Railcar of offset?

You get a permalink to a page on our server.  We'll customize the text on your offset, and apply it and your logo on out beautiful hand crafted:

  "Certificate Of Offset" (What a great acronym C.O.O. or CO2 [clever, clever])

Just like the with the Tonne, we hope you'll save paper and refrain from printing useless copies, but please keep and circulate as many electronic copies as you wish.  We also hope you will tell people about the offsets you've purchased, and encourage them to but some too.

The ECO-CO2™ is currently a promise to offset that we take seriously.  At some future date, we will certify your ECO-CO2™ against a certain number of megawatt-hours of company owned generation.  The graph of generation will accompany the ECO-CO2™ on the web page serving as proof that the energy equivalent was actually offset.  We are not providing firm dates for the offsetting at this time, but the credit for the purchase will be registered immediately.

Once your Railcar is actually offset, we promise to keep your page up for at least one full year, unless you ask us to take it down sooner???  Or intention is to begin offsetting no sooner that 2009, that means you'll get at least two full years of public recognition.  That's much better than the graffiti on railcars, and your ECO-CO2™ is free of the VOC's in spray-paint.

I hope we've gained your confidence to purchase a Railcar ECO-CO2™  They are great tools to demonstrate you commitment to the atmosphere and great gifts for the environmental activist who has done everything else to conserve.  There also better than a poke in the eye! They can even given as gifts to folks that still drive the big gas-guzzlers, or run the air conditioner with the door open.

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