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TM Precision provides CNC machining services featuring Fadal vertical machining centers.  Our capabilities are outlined below.

Key Benefits

  • Fadal machines feature Fanuc style controllers, an industry standard.
  • Twenty-one tool changers allow complex geometries.
  • Excellent positioning accuracy and repeatability (0.0001 & 0.0002) for tight tolerances.


Capability 1
(2) Fadal 4020A featuring 40"x20"x16" travel, and the ability to handle work pieces up to 30' (10m) in length.
Capability 2
(1) Fadal 3016 featuring 30"x16"x16" travel, and a 10,000 RPM spindle speed, allows us to produce large work pieces with fine 3D details.
Capability 3
(1) Fadal VMC15 featuring a fourth axis, and box ways, means extra rigidity and accuracy including angular features.

We've got four(4) Fadal Vertical Machining Centers.  Take a look below to see more details.

Table of Contents

  1. 4020A Vertical Machining Centers
  2. 3020A Vertical Machining Center
  3. VMC15 w/ fourth axis

Fadal 4020A (#1 & #2)

Both of our 4020A's have working envelopes of:

  • 40" in X-axis
  • 20" in Y-azis
  • 16" in Z-axis

The shop layout lets us handle work up to 30' (10 meters) is machine #1.

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Fadal 3020A (10,000 rpm)

Our 3020A has a slightly smaller working envelope:

  • 30" in X-axis
  • 20" in Y-azis
  • 16" in Z-axis

This combo is excellent for intricate work.

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Fadal VMC-15 w/ fourth axis

The VMC-15 is slightly smaller, but exceptionally rigid.

  • 20" in X-axis
  • 20" in Y-azis
  • 16" in Z-axis

The fourth axis allows for complex geometries.

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