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Electronic Certificate
of Offset
Carbon Dioxide

ECO-CO2™ High Quality, Low Cost

Here's an opportunity to show you care and have fun doing it

Carbon Offsets being all the craze that they've become, we've decided to do our part.  Now you can too.

You can buy your very own "Electronic Certificates of Offset"

ECO-CO2™ are a commitment to offset Carbon Dioxide in various denominations.  Now you can proudly display your commitment to the atmosphere by purchasing and digitally displaying these ECO-CO2™ links.

Quantities are limited! Operators are standing by...

The ECO-CO2™ is an environmentally friendly link to a R-R-R digital page that shows you and your friends that you've taken the first step to minimize CO2 on the atmosphere.  Here's how it works: Green-Tags

(Yes this is supposed to sounds like cheesy ad copy.  If you don't hear that rich resonant timbre in your mind's inner ear, you're not playing the game correctly.)

ECO-CO2™ are available now for the low low price of $5.00 US per Tonne.  ($0.2272/100lb) Buy them singly or by the dozen. Quantity discounts for serious conservationists are available. 

Purchase a Railcar of ECO-CO2™ and receive a >50% quantity discount and an upgraded link to a private page that includes a graph showing when your ECO-CO2™ is actually offset by delivered solar electricity.  The Railcar is yours for the low low price of $100.00 US per 100,000 lb ($0.1000/100lb) ECO-CO2™ - Be the first kid on the block to own one!

Join the ranks of the carbon sequestration league buy offsetting an entire Coalcar,  that's over 180 short tons CO2 for $350.00 per 367,000 lb ($0.09536/100lb) ECO-CO2

Don't delay! What are you waiting for? Each ECO-CO2™...

... comes with a a friendly e-mail, and clickable link to a beautiful page made with 100% recycled electrons, backed up by bits of information copied from a non-polluting magnetic field, using the latest digital technology.  Coupled to images that help show us our place in the universe, no one can claim to not be deeply moved by these lovely mementos.


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