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The amount of energy from the Sun is enormous (3.8 x1026 Joules·Second-1).  The Earth intercepts about 1.35 x103 Joules·Second-1·Meter-2, of which about 900 W/meter2 makes it to the ground, at noon, on a clear day.  Why the science & astronomy lesson? Because1!

The Sun is 1/3 million times larger than the Earth; 

It's safe to call that inexhaustible.

The sun is the source of energy for all life on earth!  

The food we eat, came from plants or animals.  Plants grow by fixing CO2 and H2O using sunlight and the source of energy, animals eat plants, so ultimately all the food we eat came from the energy of the sun.

All our fuels, coal, oil and gas came from ancient plants, too.  All the fresh water in our rivers and lakes that we use to generate hydroelectric power are driven by sunshine heating the atmosphere, driving air masses as rain and wind and waves, gets there from the heat of the sun; our ultimate source of energy.

We are all solar powered.

Did you know, that on average, the Earth reflects or re-radiates 100% of the sunlight that it intercepts back into space.  If it varied by more than 1% the temperature would either rise of fall to unbearable levels in a matter of weeks.  Imagine a summer that just kept getting hotter, or a winter that just kept getting colder.  Bet you think the we don't believe in Global Warming...  Wrong, global warming is a fact, but the signal to noise ratio is so low, that it's hard to tell.  It's like comparing the damage a skateboarder does to public stairs, while a crew is jack-hammering the very same sidewalk.  I don't want skateboard kids gouging handrails, any more than I want excess man-made CO2, SOx, and other pollutants in my lungs, or CFCs in my ozone layer.  But what's the real harm of a few kids on the sidewalk?

The Light is Green2  


1) I needed a 1st footnote or the second footnote wouldn't be as interesting.
2) Our catchy slogan, is a fitting one-two too; to
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3) All forms of the word to, too, and two appear in footnote 2 and footnote 3 has all 4.




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