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The Light is Green



"To Serve Man"

(no not the cookbook way)

We'll do this by educating, informing, and acting towards common goals.
  • For our customers, we'll stand behind our products.
  • For infrastructure, we want to increase reliability.
  • For the economy, we want to create good jobs.
  • For the nation, we want to reduce dependency.
  • For the climate, we'll reduce greenhouse gasses.
  • For the world, we'll protect the ozone layer.
  • For the future, we'll just have to see.

Products can be varied and diverse, services even more so. Our goals are simple.  

  I guess you could say our intent is :

  1. To manufacture, sell, and service our physical product, the Solar & Thermal System.
  2. To help everyone maximize their benefit from our new source of renewable energy.
  3. To build a great Company, make lots of money, and be proud of what we accomplish.

If you're not satisfied with this then tell us.  Someone's just not trying hard enough!

Objoke: "The beatings will continue until morale improves!"




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