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As seen from our nearest neighbor in space.

"Earthrise" courtesy NASA -- Apollo 8, December 24, 1968

When I first saw Earthrise

I knew it would affect my life. It's still the most profoundly moving image I know of. It's home to all of us, it's all we have, and we have to take care of it; not because it's good for the planet, but because it's good for us. Earth is our home, let's keep it neat, clean & tidy.

If you've ever seen the sun rise or set over the ocean, then you can appreciate the power and majesty of the star that warms and fuels our little blue planet. If you were fortunate, you witnessed how fast the change comes.

Once in a while you get to see your home town in a different way. You crest the hill, and there it is, sitting on the surface of the globe, open to the sky, and holding back the darkness.

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-- Paul




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