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A new application of a proven concept.

Expressed in the simplest terms, STS has developed a new implementation of a tested technology that can generate large amounts of electricity from sunlight at a cost below the average wholesale price of fossil fuel generation in New England. Moreover, this technology is so efficient* that it does not need the Arizona Sun to work efficiently, it will effectively operate year round in northern climates.

* Before you conclude that we're claiming to violate the Carnot efficiency, we're not!
The flow of money however can be over unity. Think about it!

Solar-Thermal-Mechanical Electricity.

STS is radical improvement and philosophical departure from past efforts to generate electricity from the energy of sunlight. The STS system generates electricity using the heat of the sun to vaporize a fluid and employs the pressure generated from that vaporization to turn a piston engine. The engine is closely coupled to an generator.  This is what can be referred to as a "flat forehead" idea.  No new manufacturing processes need be employed to build STS units. Current manufacturing technology is ideally suited to the task. This fact alone greatly reduces investment cost, as well reducing the time it will take to bring large amounts of generation capacity online.

Not the "Manhattan Engineer District" project approach.

Government funded solar-thermal, utilizing conventional Rankine Cycle technology, currently brings 20-30% of the energy in sunlight to market, at a cost significantly lower than PV, The drawbacks are it's not very portable, and it's not very affordable when scaled down to a for a building or a store.

Solar & Thermal Systems, Inc. has a solution to deliver electricity to market at a fantastic price, less than $100 per megawatt hour based on simple payback and 20-year capital expenditure.

That's the concept. That's the pitch. That's the deal. How much less? Keep reading.





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