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Paul Passarelli

Chairman and President.

Paul is the inventor of the direct mechanical solar thermal electric generation system. Involved in the development of Comanche flight control systems for Sikorsky, the linux device driver for IBM, engine software programs for Rolls Royce, Allied, Pratt and Whitney, etc., metal/quartz fusion for Perkin-Elmer, laser material processing for Perkin-Elmer, aluminum-air batteries for Alcan, ultra low-cost disposable dental x-ray systems for Scopas, pioneering quartz lighting engineering, VLF RF transmission research, etc. Native of CT.



Lawrence (Larry) Black


Larry was the founder of the Cunningham Group, in partnership with Robert A. Lutz (currently Chairman of General Motors North America) and Briggs S. Cunningham lll. Larry was the CEO of the Cunningham Motor Company and Cunningham Historic Automobiles divisions of the Cunningham Group,

An early and prominent exponent of "Virtually Integrated Manufacturing", Mr. Black has, at the highest levels, also driven the development of virtual prototyping and model based manufacturing techniques that greatly reduce initial capitalization needs.

While at Cunningham, Mr. Black's team developed a "virtual" crash test software platform approved by NHTSA of the DOT, which led to the firm being absorbed by GM.





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