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"What -- Me worry?"

Encouraging people to develop themselves is a most worthwhile goal.

What can you become?
What will you do with a lifetime?

  Within these pages is a glimpse of the people who are the Principals, Officers, Directors, Engineers, Management, Sales, etc...

  I definitely have to talk to the HR people about getting these bio's updated.


How many times to you visit the people page on a website just to glimpse another set of faces, the same bland head-shots, the neat coif, the white collar, the power tie, the tailored suit???  Does a set of gold framed classes, and a fresh shave tell you anything about an a person's passion, skill, drive, motivation?*  No, it measures that of his optician, barber, tailor and photographer.  Who's qualities are being evaluated? Like the billboards used to say: "Was this click really necessary?"

*Oh my!  I saw you nod in the affirmative.  It doesn't matter how, I saw you nod... OK, I'll tell you, we borrowed the internet camera on your PC -- everybody has them these days -- well almost everybody.  Some of us are still camera shy, but we're here to make solar power, not pretty pictures.  Now, are you sure you are ready to discuss serious issues?




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