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When it's easy to do the right thing

Is there any reason
 to do anything else?

The philosophy behind Solar & Thermal is simple

Sunlight is free, the cost to collect and utilize it, can be prohibitive.  I wanted to design a system to collect the energy of sunshine in an efficient and economical manner.

Solar & Thermal is an engineering company first

The desire to create an environment where engineers have the freedom to work on the challenges that need addressing.  The company will be the vehicle that develops the technologies that everyone will automatically agree are universally beneficial.

There can never bee too many great places to work

We will strive to create a an environment that lets us rank among the best places to work.  Solar & Thermal will create good jobs here in the US, and especially in CT, and specifically, right here in Norwalk, the founders home town.

Fossil are finite natural resources

While we won't eliminate the consumption of fuels like coal, oil, and gas, every system we commission will reduce our dependency.  The STS model is scalable, that will enable us to make a significant contribution to the renewable energy supply for markets across the US and beyond.




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