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What we do
is simple

We make equipment
 that makes electricity

The systems are based on proven technology

Also known as "gensets", "engine-generators", or just "generators" the Solar & Thermal System ( "STS" ) consists of an 'Organic' Rankine Cycle ( "ORC" ) prime mover (engine), coupled to an AC Generator or Alternator (generator).

The energy comes from sunlight, STS solar collectors are parabolic troughs that collect and capture the sunshine, providing the heat for the ORC.  We array the troughs into panels, and array the panels into even larger banks.

We help our customers get the maximum benefit

Even though the energy may be free, the machine has to be paid for.  We base all our calculations on a simple and standard 20-year schedule for the equipment. Based on the schedule the STS can lock in the rate and generate electricity for $86/MWHr fro the next 20 years.  After that the energy really is essentially free.

All the electricity that's generated by our equipment has the special characteristic of being generated from the sun.  That makes it "Class I" renewable energy.  Class I electricity is very valuable because the Renewable Energy Credits ( "REC" ) can be sold for 4 times the price of coal-fired energy ($237/MWHr -- June 2006).

The system use a computer and sensors to maintain optimum control of the system and cycle assuring you of peak performance.  The computer also records, logs and analyzes energy patterns, and provides suggestions for even greater benefits.

We compete in a global economy using domestic resources

They said we were crazy to try to keep this concept in the USA, I said It would be crazy to immediately assume that we couldn't.  So the STS will be made tight here in the USA.  Could we get the parts cheaper overseas?  Probably.  But then who would use all the electricity we're going to generate?  We're not seeking tariffs or protection, just as level a field (with a good solar exposure).


Here's what we don't do... (in case you're interested)

  • We don't make solar cells, inverters or charge controllers
  • We don't make potable domestic, or hydronic hot water
  • We don't store the energy or the electricity (yet...)

Some other don'ts:

  • Our systems don't cost you an arm and a leg!
  • You don't have to live in AZ, NV, NM, CA, FL, TX, etc. for good sunshine
  • You don't need to do anything to the system to keep it functioning
  • You don't have to worry about permits, licensing, etc, we do it all.
And, one more,  are you ready?
  • We don't "fit the mold", but I'm certain you've noticed that already.

Here are some of the obstacles we've encountered...

Perception: Reality: Comment:
eccentric hobbyist We have a 3300 sq ft facility with $300,000 of CNC machines. eccentric = outside the box
hobby = something enjoyable
optimistic tree hugger Better to manufacture in the USA under clean air regulations than where there are none. We can improve the environment, and reduce fossil fuel consumption
manufacturing neophyte Vertical integration where possible.
Virtual integration when practical.
Perhaps, but, the benefits remain the same, even at twice the price
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