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The STS system is based on the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC); the cycle is simply the core of a system.  The term Organic is used simply to indicate that the working fluid is something other that water/steam, or metal vapors like Hg.  The Rankine Cycle requires remarkably few components:   

  1. A boiler/evaporator, where heat changes cool hi pressure liquid to hot hi pressure gas.

  2. A hot-gas expander, where thermal energy, heat & pressure, yield mechanical work.

  3. A vapor condenser, where the exhaust vapor changes back to liquid.

  4. A liquid pump, capable of high discharge pressure, sends liquid back to the boiler.

This is all that is required to have a working Rankine Cycle process.  Naturally, the Balance of System (BOS) is what makes the whole greater than the sum of parts.  It is important to recognize that the ORC is just a building block for whatever other system is being sought.  The ORC has been applied to transportation, construction, mining, machinery, pumping, air-conditioning, and of course electric power generation.  Undoubtedly there are other applications as well, as are combined processes like CHP, transportation & electric, backup & emergency power, etc.



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