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Piston engine designers also know that the key to performance and efficiency is found in high compression/expansion ratios. Although high ratios are somewhat harder to obtain in piston engines than they are in turbines, the STS designs boast 78:1 in a small 1''x1'' bore x stroke model, rising to almost 400:1 in a 4'' x 4'' engine. Obviously these ratios are not the result of simply rearranging an IC engine or gas compressor. The STS designed valves; their drive, control and arrangement are the key to achieving these unique results. Just like the turbine, the expansion results in condensation at the expense of energy in the gas. This energy becomes the work that the engine delivers to the load. Unlike the turbine, the piston is not harmed by the mist/fog in the cylinder. At the point of maximum condensation the piston is near BDC of its stroke and essentially not moving; no motion = no erosion.



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