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Commercial Systems from 25kW to 250kW

  • Quiet, compact, low-maintenance, single axis tracking, true N-S, elevated to optimum inclination.
  • Low roof loading, less than 2lb per sq. ft.
  • Systems are UL, CSA, TUV approved. NEC approved generators.
  • Single engine version of our industrial system.
  • Low voltage and current waveform distortion.
  • High overload tolerance.
  • Superior motor starting ability.
  • Main unit has locking shields and barriers to be Kid-safe and Pet-safe. 
  • Double insulated and caged lines protect against, shopping carts, ladders, debris, vandals, garbage, etc...
  • The unit has a comprehensive and informative web-based interface.
  • You can see how much energy your unit is generating, and how much your facility is using.
  • Standardized reports conform to ISO demand load and load shedding formats.
  • Energy conservation tips are included.
  • Power-factor monitoring and corrections
  • You can download your data into QuickBooks, Excel, etc.
  • The system is fully automatic, and fully customizable.
  • Four position equipment room panel switch: Connect, Isolate, Disconnect, Shutdown.
  • Transformer vault monitoring capability
  • Three phase power at any desired voltage and wiring configuration.
  • Single phase, 50Hz, and other options available upon request.
  • Secure control from the www interface; access control lists, passwords, challenge & response, etc.
  • Automated alerts via e-mail, pager, phone-call, etc.
  • Reduced roof temperatures, extending roof life.

The commercial STS can achieve a system price of ~$2.50/Watt installed.

  • Nameplate is based on the maximum area we can get under panels.
  • Typical active coverage is from 1/4 to 2/3 cosine( latitude) of the total area of a flat roof.
  • Roof inspection or life certification required prior to construction start.
  • Insured & bonded installers.
  • Utility hookup permits must be on file prior to project start.



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