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Industrial Systems from 250kW to 5MW and up...

  • All the features of the commercial units, except...
  • Ground based installation, not on the roof-tops.
  • Concrete footings, columns and additional light steel framing.
  • Easy track rails, for maximum land utilization.
  • Highest capture ratio for lowest total cost of ownership.
  • True N-S alignment, optimal panel spacing, optimal panel inclination.
  • Single axis tracking standard. Optional dual axis tracking, manual, semi auto, full auto.
  • Multiple units can be paralleled for greater capacity.
  • Incremental capacity can be brought up as the project develops.
  • Instant capacity can be tailored to weather and demand.
  • Fast system response to varying conditions of: sunlight, demand, power factor, economic factors, etc.
  • Live spares can be stored on site.
  • More amenable to thermal storage, or fuel-fired backup.
  • Designed for easy periodic maintenance
  • Extensive diagnostics built-in
  • Fenced in site, camera security.
  • Precipitation collection system, keeps rain away from landfill, minimizes wash water consumption.
  • Setbacks from panel fields as needed

The industrial STS will be available for the basic system price of $2.50/Watt.

  • Nameplate is based on the maximum area we can get under panels. 
  • Typical active coverage can exceed 85% cosine( latitude ) of the land area less setbacks.
  • Land use statements and affidavits can be provided.
  • Excavation plans and filings must be on file prior to project start.
  • Utility hookup permits must be on file prior to project start.
  • Excavation, footings, and leveling steel not included in the basic system price.
  • Leasing for panels, engines, and generators is available.



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