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Three and Only Three "Dirty Sources"

The Fossil Fuels: Coal, Oil, and Natural Gas. 

Wait a minute! Natural Gas (NG) is supposed to be the miracle fuel, the one that makes the USA energy independent. Sure, but since NG is mined and is a fossil fuel, burning it or anything derived from it adds to atmospheric CO2.  listed in descending order:

1) Coal is almost pure carbon, it produces the most 44 units of CO2 from each 12 units of Carbon with 32 units of Oxygen.

2) Oil is a heavy hydrocarbon, it burns to a mix of CO2 & H2O somewhere between #1 Coal (above) and #3 NG (below).

3) NG also burns to 44 units of CO2 and 36 units of H2O for every 16 units of CH4 plus 64 units of O2 from the air.

This is the CO2 that the Global Warming alarmists have been tracking since the dawn of the industrial revolution in the mid 19th century.




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