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Business Competition -- an illogical and uneven playing field

This has little or nothing to do with the engineering merits of energy, it's sources or distribution, however it is a reality that we need to consider.

Solar & Thermal is well positioned to supply premium quality Concentrating Solar Power Distributed Generation (CSP-DG), not to be confused with solar-thermal, systems for business, and industry.

Does every industry have an dominant player?  When it comes to the generation industry, it's not one 800 lb gorilla, but the entire gorilla species.  You might be very familiar with some of them...

In order to appreciate the competition, we've provided a little bit of background information for good measure.

Naturally, folks want to know who we're going after in the marketplace.  That would have to be the producers of photovoltaic systems.  We don't want to completely crush the competition, in fact there's a place for them, take a look.

When is a competitor not a competitor?  When their goals are different.  See why fuel cells represent a beneficial interest for solar energy.

Believe it or not there is an industry that produces a product that is based on the exact same physical principles that we utilize.  Their customers are certain industrial companies that generate a sizeable stream of what is known as waste heat and they do what we do, they generate electricity with it.  Find out more.



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