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Clean Sources -- a Short List

We're only considering CO2, not any other item of environmental impact; please continue. 

1) Hydropower comes from falling or flowing water, the waves and the tides.  Hydropower, except the tides, are indirect forms of solar energy captured by the atmosphere and the ocean.

2) Windpower produced from historic European windmills to modern towers that dot the western and coastal landscapes (as long as Ted Kennedy isn't bothered by their appearance), to experimental "Big Top" solar draft chimneys, are also powered by the sun.

3) Nuclear power boils water to steam and the steam drives the huge turbines and generators mentioned above.  Nuclear Thermopiles may play a significant role in the future if the 'nuke' objections can be satisfactorily answered.

4) Geothermal uses natural hot wet steam to drive smaller turbines.

5) Sunshine.

Concentrating Solar Power is the simplest way to collect energy from the sun as heat.  In fact the heat from the sun may also be concentrated to achieve some of the highest continuous temperatures on Earth.  We're going to focus on where the money is (ha-ha).  And we can't forget to mention Photo-Voltaic (PV) the only direct means of converting light into electricity




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