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Assembly positions are a subset of:

Production positions at Solar & Thermal Systems, Inc.

  • Assembler: Responsibilities include white glove work, sheet metal, plastic films, formed wire, computers, final assembly and testing.
  • Assembler: Responsibilities include gearboxes & bearings, solenoids, pistons, seals, pumps, sensors, coils.
  • Assembler: Responsibilities include engines, flywheels, generators, fans, pumps, pressure vessels, coils, shells, bases.
  • Mechanical: Responsibilities include engines, engine parts, pumps, seals, bearings, generators, flywheels, etc.
  • Fabrication: Responsibilities include engine enclosures, electrical boxes, forms, models, etc.
  • Electronic: Responsibilities include utility meters, probes, sensors, data, telco, ethernet, control circuits.
  • Panels: Responsibilities include reflectors, lenses, mechanisms, clockworks etc.
  • Hydraulic: Responsibilities include pipe fittings & seals, tank & vessel prep & sensoring, etc.



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