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We need folks that can sell the sizzle!

We've got the steak; prime, tenderloin, and lots of it.

  The challenge of selling the STS is that even though we believe the system sells itself, we still have to get the message out.

  The sales professionals at Solar & Thermal will guide the customer through the process of selecting a system appropriate to the needs of the building or site.  They will also work through the seemingly complicated process of permitting, certifying, and commissioning of the installation with the local utility, and/or ISO, and secure the contracts for the sale/purchase of RECs on the open market.

  Sales professionals will develop and maintain lists of customers and by watching the market signals provide those customers with opportunities for energy management as conditions change over time.

  You will also be expected to stay well informed on the current state of alternative energy, and you will represent the company at various trade shows and exhibitions.  Finally you will work in conjunction with marketing to conduct public seminars and classes for the the public (and perhaps pick up a lead or two...)  




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