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We've had a number of inquiries for systems

Where the buyers wanted a pro-forma invoice, and a general outline of terms and conditions.

An agreement between "_____________________________" (the Buyer, or the Customer) is placing a Purchase Order with "Solar & Thermal Systems, Inc." (the Company, or the Seller, or S&T) for one or more "Concentrating Solar Power Distributed Electrical Generation System(s)" (the System) as further described below.

This Purchase Order for goods & services includes the following two Plain English understandings. 

1) S&T will provide (design, build, install, and commission) a turn-key System that is site specific, fully installed, and ready to activate in a manner suitable for grid-tied net-metered or stand alone operation, and includes all parts, equipment, and labor to deliver to the Buyer a complete and operational System

2) Certain expenses, such as site prep to meet suitability standards, roofing with suitable remaining life, a secure staging area during installation, licensing, taxes, fees, utility hookup, municipal inspections, are the responsibility of the Buyer, and if paid by S&T will be added to the quoted price below, the new amount is the adjusted price ; this clause extends to any expense that may or may not be known to the buyer that prevent S&T from providing or activating an otherwise operational system.

The details of the Purchase order follow:

Buyer requests ___(quantity) of Solar & Thermal Systems CSP-DG Concentrating Solar Power Distributed Generating systems where each system consists of:

A System rated at (____kW) (capacity), declaring the nominal electrical rating subject to various performance guarantees and expectations linked to local weather and agreed on separately.  The system is characterized to deliver (____MWHr) (energy) of electrical energy for each "day" of operation as defined (see Energy page).  The system shall produce AC power at 50 | 60 Hz, at usual and customary voltage, current and number of phases to match the local utility, and may be adapted to provide pure power (VA) or reactive power (VAR) as needed.

One or more Main Unit(s) consisting of a prime mover and electric generator and ancillary equipment, rated at (____kW) (fraction of capacity).  The system shall consist of (___) (gensets) discreet, linked and isolable sub-assemblies collectively capable of generation at full rated capacity, or the full rated capacity with up to 25% of the units to be disconnected or otherwise unavailable if so ordered. 

Solar Panels configured and installed into a contiguous solar field shall contain sufficient S&T CSP panels to operate the Main Unit(s) at the rated output, or with up to 25% of the panel array disconnected or otherwise unavailable if so ordered.

Cooling Tower(s) of the ( DRY | WET ) unless otherwise requested.  The condenser shall be ASHRAE rated to dissipate 100% of the thermal energy captured by the solar field continuously given the local ambient conditions.

Computers and instrumentation to control and monitor the the entire system and generate reports.

The extended cost for the (quantity) of systems based on the quoted price shall be: $(___,___,___.00) based on the capacity rate price published in Price List (____)$/W installed according to plain English paragraphs 1 & 2.

International orders shall be FOB port of New York, or, FOB Port of South Carolina.  Upon delivery to the final destination S&T shall provide installation services and commissioning of the systems included in the above price.  Taxes, permits, and all local fees, tariffs, duties, customs, etc shall be the responsibility of the customer.

Terms: (incremental schedule of payments)

2% of the price is due with the purchase order and the site plans and operating specifications so that S&T may begin the engineering diagrams for the systems.

5% of the price is due upon Submission of the Initial Working Plans in a timely manner to you for review and necessary revisions.

10% of the price is due upon the completion and submission of 1st round customer revisions, 20% upon 2nd round, 30% third round, etc... If revisions cause the quoted price to vary by more than 10%, then the quoted price shall change to reflect the new quoted price.

33% of the quoted price is due upon acceptance of the plans and schedules by the customer. One system shall be assembled for testing and demonstration at the S&T plant for the customer to inspect and approve.

50% of the quoted price is due upon acceptance of the representative pilot or demonstration unit.

90% of the adjusted price is due upon delivery of the complete order to the Port of NY or the Port of SC, or to the customer site within the US, Canada, Mexico.

95% of the adjusted price is due upon completion of the installation and the generation of first power.

100% of the adjusted price is due 30 days following the generation of first power.

All aforementioned fees and expenses whether paid by S&T or due by the Buyer are due upon inspection & approval of the local utility and authority and successful hookup to the load to complete the transfer of the assets from Seller to Buyer.

S&T would be pleased to accept your open Purchase Order accompanied by a Commercial Letter of Credit from your bank which we will present at HSBC Bank here in the US.

You may cancel the order at any time following the Submission of the Working Plans subject to a 15% cancellation fee, or prior to submission for a 5% fee.

I hope this will be the first of many transactions.




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