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Why is it still so expensive?

Ding-ding-ding!!!  That's the #1 question.  It's *not* expensive.
Like all new technologies the price will settle as more demand pulls more providers into the market.  Check the Price List and look at the $ / kW·Hr page for an explanation on the lifetime cost of energy.

How much area for 250kW?

This is the basic size for a medium commercial genset.  Figure about 2.5 acres1.  That sounds like a lot, but that's what the panels require for spacing.  That spacing allows your system to generate full power for 8 hours per day on average, all year.

How much power for a 50,000 sq ft roof?

Because we provide a border away from the edge of the roof, you should be able to mount a 100kW system on a roof of this size.  Again the space around and between the panels is important for maximizing the effectiveness of the system.

Do you have a price list?

Yes. Here a price list.

When is your Residential offering ready?

As soon as we get some serious interest in residential systems. (sorry)
We're planning a small residential system that will fill the gap between 5 and 50kW.  It's difficult for us to get much smaller than 5kW without a major redesign of the panels and the engine.

1 An acre is actually 43,560 sq. ft.  a square about 208ft. 8.5in on a side.




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