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Price List

Effective Date:
 May 2009

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Small Engine: (suggested)

Size Range - Installed Cost - [ Fixed Cost of Energy ]
( Cylinders configured, operating speed )
Solar Panel Complement & configuration
< 50kW - $5.00/W [ $0.1302 / kW·Hr ]
( 4, 6, 8, or 12 cylinders, 1800/1500 or 3600/3000 rpm )
1 to 12 bi-panels, 1 stadium

When we introduce the small system (<50kW) to the market the price tag will be in the $5/W range including installation (but not transportation) The current price list has the following rough* price points:

Large Engine:

60kW to 125kW - $4.50/W [ $0.11718 / kW·Hr ]
( 4, 6 or 8 cylinders, 3600 or 3000 rpm )
15 to 30 bi-panels, 2 to 3 stadia
125kW to 250kW - $4.25/W [ $0.11067 / kW·Hr ]
( 6, 8, or 12 cylinders, 1800 or 1500 rpm )
30 to 60 bi-panels, 3 to 5 stadia
250kW to 500kW - $3.50/W [ $0.09114 / kW·Hr ]
( 12 cylinders, 3600 or 3000 rpm )
 60 to 150 bi-panels, 5 to 12 stadia

Multiple Unit Installations:

>500kW - $3.25/W [ $0.08463 / kW·Hr ]
multiple units sum total rated capacity - no hot spare(s)
( up to 200 bi-panels / MW ), up to 20 stadia / MW
>750kW - $3.00/W [ $0.07812 / kW·Hr ]
w/ hot spare(s) - full output w/ <25% of total units offline
( up to 250 bi-panels / MW ), up to 25 stadia / MW

How we designate or rate your system

(*) There is granularity based on the total number of bi-panels installed.
Prices will be adjusted up or down according to the actual ratings of the generator and condenser furnished.

Bi-Panels are mounted on stadia or bleachers which provide the alignment and inclination appropriate for each site.

Installation includes the stadia, bleachers and all anchoring for the panel fields by concrete footings on land, or various other suitable and approved techniques on rooftops. 

All wiring and plumbing hot & cold is included with the solar field for a central or peripheral location of the genset adjacent to the panel fields. Fields considered 'remote' from the genset(s) may incur and additional pipeline cost.

O&M for the system is expected to be a fraction of a percent, mostly for condenser cleaning (typical of HVAC)

Prices are FOB Norwalk, CT and include installation or an allowance for installer training (overseas only)

Area Requirements:

As a general rule, the land or rooftop area required for a given power rating is as follows:

small systems:

< 50kW - ~5,000 sq ft single row stadia, ~25,000 sq ft multi row stadia ( fully buffered rooftop edges )

medium systems:

60kW to 125kW - 10,000 to 20,000 sq ft single row, 30,000 to 60,000 multiple row (includes buffered edges)
125kW to 250kW - 60,000 to 120,000 sq ft multi-row or multi column stadia

large systems:

>500kW - ~2 hectare / 1MW -- excludes edge buffering, fencing, and cooling footprint -- or
~1 acre / 100kW -- with buffer space, access, fence, etc... 

Areas are based on 8 hours at full rated power per average (median) operating day.

Bi-panels include fixed trough-trough spacing of ~50% of the panel width in included area.

Single-row solar fields do not require stadia row spacing allowing them to be smaller in included area.

Multi-row spacing is a function of site location (latitude) and is assumed here (45N) to be ~equal to the panel length.

The combination of row & column spacing in the solar field prevents self shading allowing the system to produce full rated power for >8 hours per day of sunshine at the equinoxes. Flat panels of similar rating only provide full power from 2-5 hours per day.

Areas are larger than equivalent fixed-flat panels of to include collector trough spacing sufficient to prevent any shading during single axis tracking. 

We're looking forward to meeting your solar power needs. 




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