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Partnership is a shared experience

Individuality is what we secretly hope to demonstrate

It takes more than any individual can accomplish to make a significant impact. We're looking for distribution partners...

Who are looking for a superior alternative to PV, and a compliment to fuel-cells.  The variety of applications for the STS are enormous, certainly more that we can thing of...  We want your creative input.  We want your varied experience.  We want your business.

We're looking for supply partners too.

We rely on our suppliers to deliver quality parts, on time.  We have commitments, and we can't make them if we can't get parts.  

As much as we like our suppliers, we always maintain multiple sources.  Things happen, it's just a fact of business.  

Competition is good for us and our customers, and it's good for our suppliers too.  We compete in the marketplace too.  

This could turn into a short thesis on free trade & fair trade, but not right now...

If you're interested in an alliance with Solar & Thermal

Whether strategic, tactical, research, or are just testing the waters, contact us.




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