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“Nothing will ever be accomplished if all possible objections must first be overcome.” - Samuel Johnson

Everyone wishes they saw these guys coming...

"Microsoft, Apple, Dell, Google, Amazon, E-Bay..."  These are the modern stars of the game.  But, what about AT&T, GE, Standard Oil, Ford, US Steel, Coca Cola, GM Westinghouse, and others too numerous to mention.  They built the 20th century by creating infrastructure.

Can you think anything that all these have in common? 

OK so there are a hundred things...  But the one we want you to think about is electricity.  Trends come and go, industrial giants were born, grew, and faded away.  The economy saw boom, bust, recovery, depression, recession, inflation, stability, growth, and on and on.  We've known wars, alliances, conflict, threats, empires, dictatorships, despots, heroes, peace, terrorism, the birth of civil rights, and the erosion of civil liberties.  Who known what tomorrow will bring?

In the past century, three classes of commodities have always kept flowing:

  1. Food & Water
  2. Fuel & Electricity (Energy)
  3. Investment & Wealth (Money)

I guess you could call these the three legs our society is built on.  When industrial production was diverted during WWII, folks made due with what they had.  No new cars, appliances, and very few new goods.  

Food & fuel were rationed, but were available.  The electricity was always on, but people were told to "Put out that light!".  And buying bonds just made sure the gummint had the cash to spend, which it did, in strange but necessary ways.

Today, we're as dependant on these three legs as ever,

but we're far more vulnerable too.  We've had it easy, for a long time.  How many of us are prepared to make the sacrifices out parents & grandparents did?  We use 20 times as much electricity as they did back then, and most of that increase has occurred since the "Energy Crisis" of the early 1970's...  Are people stupid or were they just not paying attention?

If we can't convince you that the future of electrical demand

isn't going to go away any time soon, then let me ask you this... How old were you in 1974?  Were you too young to remember? That's forgivable error.  Or, were you doing too many drugs to remember? That just means you were a foolish youth.

Yes, this is a company website, not a blog, and I just made a statement that might insult certain people.  No apology will be give or offered.  The truth might hurt, but it's still the truth.




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