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STS Energy Management Controller

  • The EMC monitors signals from sensors and user inputs, to intelligently and safely operate the entire unit.
  • The EMC is built on an industry standard embedded controller with real-time data acquisition.
  • The system is based in an embedded real-time operation system.
  • The program contains climate models, location data, system coefficients, and other static site specific data.
  • Sensor data is collected in real-time from the engine, panels, generator, and the line/load.
  • The unit monitors the operating conditions, weather, temperature, cloud cover, etc.
  • The system accepts network data, and utility directives for added benefit and grid reliability.
  • The controller maintains operating levels for the engine-generator and constantly verifies results.
  • The system can execute panel maintenance operations (cleaning) on a schedule to minimize loss of performance.
  • The system interacts with the user via a web based interface.
  • The system will tune and optimize its performance over time, and learn to anticipate variations in the demand.

Controller Specifications:

  • Materials: Computer; "computer stuff", Software; "software stuff"
  • Dimensions: Computer; fits in the case with the engine, Software; fits in the computer.
  • Weight: Computer; A few pounds, Software; Insignificant.
  • Cost: $2.00 / Watt -- inclusive in system price.  ( a lot of stuff is included in the system price )


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