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STS Ammonia Engine Generator

The hot ammonia vapor powers the engine which turns the generator.

  • The engine is a radial piston design with a vertical crankshaft.
  • Each cylinder has a compression ratio greater than 60:1
  • The valves feature continuously variable phase and duration, on both intake and exhaust.
  • The engine operates on the pressure of the hot gas, and both the sensible and latent heat of the hot gas.
  • The speed of the engine is maintained constant by anticipatory algorithms.
  • Control inputs include: gas temperature and pressure, weather, clouds, date & time of day, climate models, system details.
  • Monitored outputs: rpm, torque, voltage, current, power-factor, electrical phase, fluid pressure, noise, vibration, system response.
  • The mechanical components of the engine are robust and designed for 20+ year lifetimes.
  • Friction losses in the engine have been reduced to exceptionally low levels.

Engine Specifications:

  • Materials: Forged Steel alloy crankshaft and rods, Cast Iron block, cylinders, heads, Aluminum pistons, Fluoropolymer friction components.
  • Dimensions: (Engine only) ~ 40in dia. x 11in thick (not including manifold pipes, shaft extension, flywheel, oil pan, etc.)
  • Weight: ~ 480 lbs (engine only)
  • Cost: $2.00 / Watt -- inclusive in system price.

Generator Options:

  • All generators we use comply with NEC and  UL ratings for safety.
  • We match the generator capacity to the peak system power.
  • We select a generator that has the required voltage ratings to match your utility service or isolation transformer ratings.
  • Special generators optimized for motor starting, lighting, power-factor correction, etc, are available at customer request.
  • Insulation ratings can be varied if the customer desires.
  • Cost: $2.00 / Watt -- inclusive in system price (optional features priced according to OEM schedule)

Sample pictures from SolidWorks.  Click on a picture for a bigger view and more information.

Semi-transparent Vertical Split
Cutaway 3 @ 80 deg Cutaway 9 @ 80 deg



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