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STS Parabolic Mirror Panels

The panels collect sunlight.

  • The panels are mounted in such a way to maximize the amount of sunlight they are exposed to throughout the day and year.
  • Roof panels can be mounted for either optimum solar power, optimum architectural appearance, or some acceptable combination thereof.
  • Ground mounted panels will invariably be setup for maximum solar yield.  Second axis tracking can increase collector efficiency.
  • The essential features of the panels consist of a parabolic reflector, and a collector tube. This is referred to as a trough.
  • A number of troughs are attached together to form a panel.  The panel has two fittings: cold fluid in, and hot gas out.
  • A number of panels cover the roof or ground. We always leave a border around the edges, and walkways between the panels, to preserve roof access.
  • The panels concentrate the suns rays 20x onto the collector tubes, raising their temperature.
  • The panels absorb the suns rays changing the cold fluid to hot gas.

Panel Specifications:

  • Materials:    Aluminum Reflector, Steel Pipe, Plastic Sheet, Steel Wire, Silicone Rubber Grommets, Poly-Foam Insulation.
  • Dimensions: 22ft x 8ft x 9in
  • Weight: ~ 170 lb
  • Cost: $2.00 / Watt -- inclusive in system price.


On the left is a view of the clockwork that rotates the troughs providing the single axis tracking.

On the right is a view of a single 20 x 8 foot panel in a unit of structural bleacher.




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