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Without getting into too much detail here

The BOS varies from install to install, but includes many common elements.  The most noticeable is the galvanized steel "bleacher" that supports and aims the collector panels.  It's a bolted and/or welded structure that we align with the polar axis.  That's the true N/S direction not necessarily magnetic north.

Next in scale & scope is probably the piping that brings the working fluid to/from the panels and the main unit enclosure.  You'll notice that the hot pipe is very well insulated.  That's for safety and efficiency reasons.  We go to great lengths to make sure the pipes are as short as possible. (That's actually funny, isn't it?)

What else goes into the BOS?

After all the structural pieces are laid out and assembled, then comes all the pieces-parts, like sensors, valves, fittings, clamps, hangers, mounts, pads, shims, nuts, bolts, washers, etc.  And finally all the labels, signage, warnings, shields, barriers, fencing, alarms, locks and lockouts needed to make sure the installation is correct, compliant and safe.

Is there anything else not in the BOS?

There is a final thing that we retain.  That is the knowledge, skill, and experience to install, commission, and monitor your system.  It may be your system, but it's still our baby.  We will do everything necessary to assure the installation is 100% perfect.  And there are several good reasons.

  • You are the customer, your satisfaction is crucial for our future success.
  • You paid good money for a system that operates at peak efficiency.
  • No benefit from trips to your site to fix what should've been done already.
  • Peace of mind; if you're constantly thinking about it, we've failed.



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