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 Although we hate having to execute these, it's in everyone's best interest to have one available at a moments notice.  If you're here looking at this page, you've seen something that sparked your interest enough to get you to this page (the mind boggles at the circular logic in that sentence).  So simply click the link, sign witness or seal the document and scan & e-mail it back, or electronically sign the pdf file and e-mail that back.


  Here's a spiffy Non-Disclosure Agreement we bought, and now we're sharing.  I suppose it's kind of like the boy-scout oath, but with teeth.  Once we have your signed NDA the possibilities are endless.  No you still won't get to see my baby album photos, they were... lost, yeah, lost, that's it in a... a... an earthquake, no it was a volcano, and then a flood, yeah... all three, hot jiggling water, no no no, that' a washing machine.  Ah ha! That's it! They'll believe this... I left the albums in my pocket and they went through the washing machine!  Oops, did I type all that? 




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