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There is no
 "I" in "Team"

-- (anonymous)

There is no
 "Team" in "I"

-- (James Woods in "Shark")


Perhaps this sports analogy will help you to understand

some of what's happened in the past.  I say to the investor: "You're at bat. Try for the base hit.  Don't swing for the fence.  Get to first base, then, once there, look around, see the situation, then we can can establish a plan for getting you home."

They see me as the opposing pitcher, that's the error, I'm the first base coach.  I want to get the investor into the game.  They want to hit a home run, sign a few autographs, and head back to the showers with their lucrative contracts in place.  They want to jog the bases, waving to the fans, I need them to hustle to first, and be ready to run hard for second. They think they know my whole lineup, but they haven't got a clue, because they won't look.

One day I wanted to find out how many sources

of Venture Capital there are out there in Cyberspace...



Looks like there are more "potential" investors out there

than I thought possible...  The problem is finding the right one.



Still far too many to talk to individually.  That's why I can

speak freely here on my site without fear that I'll say the wrong thing to the wrong person and queer the deal.  What I'm saying here will resonate with the right person, and result in a far better working relationship that either of us might have otherwise thought possible.

We've been playing games since 2001 looking for investors with insight & intelligence to back this little enterprise.  None have come forward, except a few predators who've tried to leverage their way into the picture.  

Don't get me wrong, greed is good.  Motivated self interest

is beneficial for both parties.  But one fundamental difference is in the opening attitudes.  Investors see all entrepreneurs as the same, they see widgets.  They believe that any product or service is fundamentally the same as any other product or service.  I suppose from an investment point of view this is true.  After all, it's about management, capital, inventory, labor... The details are irrelevant.

I see it the other way.  Money is fungible; that's it's purpose.  Setting up a company is the same whether it makes "salsa or oven mitts".  The differences in the financial world are tiny, the similarities are huge.  Could the CFOs of Boeing and GM trade places tomorrow? Almost certainly.  How about ADM & Microsoft?  Again, I'd say without a doubt.  

Now, could their CTOs trade jobs?  I think we'd all agree the answer is a resounding no.  (Sorry guys, no offense, but agriculture & software are about the most polar opposites as I could think of.)  Sure their IT managers could swap, so could any number of technical specialists.  My point is could Bill Gates and Paul Allen have traded places with George Archer and John Daniels (ignoring the 70 or so years in between)? Again I think we have to say the could not.

Before this becomes a paper on comparative economics,

please let me ask you these two questions. 

  1. Are you ready and willing to learn, work hard (thought not labor), invest wisely and profit heavily? 
  2. Are you convinced that money talks, is all that matters and how it's made is rather unimportant?"  

  My answers are Yes, and No.  If your answers are the same we should talk.  If yours are Yes & Yes, then we can still talk.  If you answered No to both then, why are you here?  And if you answered, No & Yes, then either make an offer, or get off my web page.  I'm tired of wasting time with "interested parties" that aren't. 

I've met too many potential investors that simply need to

fill a quota of business plans read per month.  And, too many agents that say they'll talk it up, or show my plan around to believe the line any more.  I hope this little speech has served to clear the air.  If it has, drop me a line, or use the contact form.  Then knock the mud out of your cleats, walk up to the plate, survey the infield, and get ready to hustle.  Look at the guy down the line (see I'm waving).  I reach down and apply power to the pitching machine the mound (or perhaps this website). The machine springs to life... Now here comes the windup... Let's see if you can swing the bat; there's only 1,059,999 guys behind you!




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