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The Light is Green

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Like your own personal
magical money machine

There's low operating expense,
no operating expense,
and finally...

Negative operating expense, but 'Free Money' sounds better

Once again we can confidently say The Light is Green! because it has many meanings.  We think you'll agree.

How many products actually return cash to you with no additional outlay, year-in and year-out?

The premise is simple, the sunlight that falls on your roof is a form of energy.  That energy has value, and we can capture that value for you be converting that sunlight into electricity.  The electricity we produce is connected to your building's wiring through a meter*.  Depending on the shape of your building, the energy that comes from the sun may supply some, all, or more than the power you need.  Regardless of the amount, it is all is eligible for for Class 1 Renewable Energy Credits.  These RECs can be sold on the open market (we'll help you do that) for more than 3 times the current price of fuel based energy.

* The meter includes all the necessary safety equipment, and will actually record all the power you use, both from the utility and the STS, as a forward reading. The amount generated locally is then subtracted for billing purposes, and certified for REC accreditation.

The energy that we generate, replaces the electricity you buy from the utility, and any excess is sent back to the power company, which you get paid for.  The power company calls this Net-Metering, and it is the law.  As an added benefit, every BTU that we keep off your roof, reduces your HVAC load, so not only are you taking a step towards energy independence, we're reducing your overall demand too.  It's called a carbon footprint, and we can help you reduce or eliminate it altogether. 

As a professional you know that everything has a price

When we realized that every square meter of property is illuminated with sunlight worth $0.25 per day, the mental gears started turning.  The goal pickup $0.05 of that quarter, no need to be greedy.  Once we show you how to pickup that nickel the rest will surely follow; In the long run, you'll come to think of us as your favorite company to do business with. 




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