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We produce Concentrating Solar Thermal Electric Generators

Take a look at the diagram for a quick overview of the basic components the system uses to function as an Organic Rankine Cycle generator.


If you want the energy, but not the hardware 

Alternatives to the Standard Offer for your electric service are just one more way we can help you save money and achieve benefits.  We produce electricity supplied by 100% renewable solar energy. 


One size does not fit all, your consumption determines how 

We can best serve you as a customer.  We'll customize a system to fit your needs.  Industrial solar farms containing thousands of panels and dozens of generators.
Commercial installations on rooftops or shading parking lots, trimming peak loads.
Residential models with a single bi-panel keeping you comfortable.
Military versions: container deployable, erectable in hours, operate without fuel.


The simplest solution tends to be the correct one. -- Occam* 

Based on your application we can extend the capabilities of the system to suite. 

(* Funny, neither Schick nor Gillette seem to embrace this aphorism.)


The much talked about "Renewable Energy Credits" are

Intended to protect the environment by promoting the development of cleaner technologies.  Since Day-One we've supported that goal.