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"I dare you to answer that!"

  Hey that's cool.  You should be cautious.  We're asking you to change the way you spend your heard earned money.

JN:    You want answers?
TC:    I want answers.  I think I'm entitled!
JN:    You want the truth?
TC:    I want the truth!
JN:    You can't handle the truth!
KR:    Whoa. Excellent!

You want the truth.  No shouting, no close-ups, and we want you to have it.  This is not life and death, we want to save you money.  We want to clean to the environment.  We've been criticized for wanting to share too much data with our partners, and customers.  They say "A savvy businessman would keep that to himself."  OK so we're not that savvy.  

You've come to this page because you are interested in solar energy.  Thank you for reading what we've got to say.  Of course we want you to want a Solar & Thermal System, and we believe that given the evidence that choice is obvious.

Those readers that are here just to find an excuse to not adopt solar energy, have just found their excuse.

If you're on the fence about what technology to adopt, then please read on.  Search the web, Google is your friend.  Ask lots of questions!  Ask us, and ask others too.  Make a chart, don't be embarrassed to ask us a direct comparison question to any other system that's available.  For example: Some PV installer says he believes your house would be better off with a 4800 watt PV system rather than a 9600 watt STS system.  Ask us to quote the 4800 watt system, we'll tell you the price to the dollar.  We'll tell you how much (less) roof we'll need to cover.  Just be fair, ask him to quote the 9600... When he can't or won't... well...  Just take that as a signal to do a little more research.

Once you're ready to buy a Solar & Thermal System, come back here.  Did we really answer your questions to your satisfaction?  If you're not satisfied with the answers, we're not satisfied.  Please let us know.  When you're ready to buy, then we're ready to supply.

And finally, once you've had your system for a while, are you satisfied with it?  After the first few months you should be getting the guaranteed benefit and then some.  How do you like the interface, the features?  Is there anything we could have done better?  Is there anything we can still do for you?

Don't see what you're after?  Contact us and we'll e-mail you an answer.

Maybe we'll even put the question and answer on the page to help others.

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Is it safe?

Yes. It's child safe and pet safe.

My roof doesn’t face south

Most don't. We'll measure and compute the maximum isolation available. Double sided panels might be an alternative.

Can this really work in upstate NY?

Absolutely! We've looked at climate maps from all over. Warm, cold, wet, or dry, we can usually provide a solution.

If this is so great, why doesn’t the utility do it?

It's a matter of scale. A 5 KW nuke costs almost as much as a 500MW nuke, so bigger is more cost effective; but solar costs are proportional to area under panels.

I thought solar cells were fragile?

Yes. Most solar cells are made from brittle materials. Our panels aren't; they're mad from impact plastics, aluminum & steel.

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How many people are doing this now?

Solar & Thermal Systems: None -- All other companies combined: More each day…

I thought you had to live in FL or CA to make it work?

The sun belt is much better for PV systems, because they're so much less efficient.

Will they shut off my power?

You'll only risk shutoff if you deliberately tamper with the safety devices, or stop paying your electric bill. We don't believe you'd deliberately do either one.

Will it bother my PC, TV, VCR, clocks, etc…?

No. We use synchronous alternators & computer controlled solid-state relays to avoid spikes & surges. Unless you look at the meter you won't even know when you're consuming or generating.

What happens when it rains or snows?

Precipitation will cause the unit to enter a standby state. In the rain the panels will point to where they think the sun should be. In the snow they'll point straight down to minimize accumulation.

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What happens during the winter, the summer?

The system is designed to operate year-round. From summer in Death Valley CA to winter in Fargo ND, and any temperature in between.

I already have a standby generator

Great! That'll take care of nighttime outages. You might even be completely unaware of daytime outages if the sun is shining.

Our neighbor works 3rd shift does it make a lot of noise?

Our trained ears put it somewhere between a central air conditioner and a small lawnmower, but much closer to the AC.

I’ve heard horror stories from CA, lockouts, blackouts, etc?

We've seen them too. Our interlock switch meets all the safety & compliance issues the utilities might use to intimidate by disconnect. We make sure the culture is favorable before we'll try to setup shop in your area.

Our roof faces E/W but gets great sun...

That's OK; we've got double-sided panels that can maximize the energy collected during daylight hours.

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We only get good sun 3 to 4 hours a day, it that enough?

We can place an integrating photometer on your roof for a trial period, and predict your actual generation. If the amount is to small there's no cost or obligation.

I live in Seattle WA, Buffalo NY, International Falls MN, and etc… 

No problem. climate analysis shows that there are very few areas we can't operate.

Our southern exposure is all glass…

Sounds like you're already making good use of your portion of the solar flux! Give us a call; we'll see what we can do.

This seems too good, what’s the catch?

Once they let us in, we can control all aspects of their electric power usage, phone calls, what they eat, drink, read… mm-MM-wa-ha-HA HA!!! Oops, wrong memo.

I think it’ll look ugly next to my house

The main unit is available in several architectural colors. The panels have a high-tech look, like mirrored aluminum, glass, and architectural trim. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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Who really benefits most from this electricity?

You do. It's a penny-saved, penny earned thing.

What about my skylights, dormers, ridge vents?

Our field engineers will accommodate all architectural features of your house. We'll show you 3 options, and help you to weigh the choices.

What about my chimney, stack, attic fan?

Our engineers document these items, for our installers. Talk to our engineer if you require special accommodations.

What’s the point if it doesn’t have batteries?

PV systems use inverters and need batteries to smooth rapid variations caused by changes in demand. Our system's rotating mass naturally integrates over several seconds.

Can it work if I already have a generator?

Great! That'll take care of nighttime outages. You might even be completely unaware of daytime outages if the sun is shining.

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Does it affect a pacemaker / medical implant?

We're UL, CSA, & TUV compliant. But, it's also the biggest electrical appliance you're likely to encounter. Ask your doctor

Does it create any electromagnetic fields?

Yes. All electrical appliances do. We've got UL, CSA, & TUV compliance. Ask your doctor.

Does it run the whole house, or just selected parts?

Yes. We run the whole house. Small emergency generators forced you to make those decisions.

Is it ugly?

The main units are available in a range of architectural colors. The panels are reflector aluminum, clear plastic, and architectural trim.

Will it be an eye sore?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We feel that trees dying from acid rain are far harder to look at.

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Will I have to rewire the house?

No. We hookup between the meter and the main breaker.

Didn't see what you were after?  Contact us and we'll e-mail you an answer.

Maybe we'll even put the question and answer on the page to help others.

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