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Frequently Asked Questions

Abbott & Costello, from the classic "Who's on first?"

We broke the list up into some general categories.

The nature and tone of the question determine where the question goes. Some questions end up in more than one place, and the answers might vary subtly or significantly depending on context.

  • Quickly -- You want to know how big, how much, etc...
  • Value -- How and why you will benefit with an STS solution
  • Inquiry -- General info about the system, what it does, what to expect
  • Challenge -- Mostly for people that have preconceived notions
  • Liability -- Deeper issues involving who's responsible for what
  • Science -- An attempt to summarize and model the universe
  • Contact --  Please ask us if your question was not covered.

If your question isn't answered to your satisfaction, please send it so we can answer it.  Please send us your questions. We want to answer as many questions as possible.