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Finding a generator
in 2001 was harder
than you'd think!

I didn't say it was impossible

When I started the project, I quickly realized that if it isn't

in the catalog, it doesn't exist!  What a harsh realization.  The drawing board is a wonderful world.  You call out a spec and the part magically appears.  Not so in the real world. First you have to speak to the salesman, and then you have to convince him that you know what you want.

In the early part of the 19th century from about 1820-1840 Michael Faraday discovered many of the important aspects of electro-magnetism, and he did it without the internet to check sources too!  I found it most enlightening when I was told that some of the devices that I wanted (regulators, sensors, meters, etc.) did not work with the equipment that I wished to purchase.  Confused, I pressed the question.

"If it's not listed in the catalog, it is NOT supported by [*]."

* I'm omitting the company name, because they've had enough turnover in the sales force since 2001 that no one remembers the person who made the statements.  Since then there has been an explosion in the number and types of generators available, driven largely by the wind-energy sector I believe.

Late in 2007 I was discussing the STS requirements with several current OEM's of generators, and was pleasantly surprised with the new and prevalent attitudes in the industry.  The only challenge we face today, is the issue of lead times.  We can specify a generator within a few percent of the ideal size, and we can actually shop the generators as commodity items, with confidence that the customer will be well served by the decision





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