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Interconnect & Meter

Standard & Certified parts
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Tying the system into the local electrical supply.

Is highly regulated, and carefully scrutinized.  Only our licensed electricians will ever touch your panel.  This is a subject too important to joke about, because it deals with safety.  It's also very serious because this is where the money is made.

  • The interconnect box is consists of a UL & NEC rated enclosure.
  • The external switch has four positions: Connect, Isolate, Disconnect, and Shutdown
  • The interconnection is done with high speed solid state contactors.
  • Mechanical contactors are an available option.
  • Metering is done using standard utility grade recording kilowatt-hour meters.
  • Current Transformers (CTs) are an available option.
  • Isolation transformers can be used to match to output to the local power supply.

Interconnect Specifications:

  • Materials: Steel, usually NEC Grey.
  • Dimensions: Bigger than common sense might otherwise call for.
  • Weight: Heavier than the guys in the stock room would like  
  • Cost: $3.00 / Watt -- inclusive in system price.

Meter Specifications:

  • Materials: Traditionally; gears and dials.  Modern; More "computer stuff *".
  • Dimensions: About the same size you'd expect it to be, hasn't changed in 50 or more years.
  • Weight: A few pounds, CTs weight a pound or so a piece, and travel in 3's
  • Cost: $3.00 / Watt -- inclusive in system price.

Pictures: (photos courtesy Google Images, copyright their respective owners, used with permission)

Connections to the main power circuit breaker

Definitely in need of an upgrade!



An Entergy technician installing the Money Meter

The three black "donuts" are the current transformers which measure how much power the system generates.

* The 'no humor clause' expired at "stuff". Experience has taught us that an electrician with a sense of humor is a safer electrician, than one who's too serious to laugh.




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