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DCSTME = Distributed Concentrating Solar Thermo-Mechanical Electric

A long acronym for 
the shortest path to 
money from sunlight.

For the time being, STS has chosen to focus development efforts on a single application of the core technology, which is to apply the process to the generation of electricity. By generating electric power we are able to produce a fully marketable, fungible commodity. The economics of power generation are such that we can create value for our customers, and stakeholders. The decision to produce AC power is also a technical one, in that it requires a minimum of additional overhead. Other applications like HVAC, or CHP require significant additional equipment. Direct application of the work to applications like pumping water, would in fact be simpler than AC power, but the potential market is far smaller, and the benefits might go wholly unnoticed.

  Along with the target for the energy produced by the system, we have chosen to pursue a certain input source, that being concentrated solar. The reasons behind this have to do with the ubiquity of sunshine, the nonpolluting aspect, and the low cost that we can achieve in a concentrating solar panel. We fully understand that sunshine is a variable quantity. We have very good climate models, and anecdotal proof (thousands of years of human history) that on average a substantial amount of sunshine is available just about everywhere on Earth.




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