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"Systems".  Why?

define systems - Google Search

A system is an assemblage of inter-related elements comprising a unified whole. From the Latin and Greek, the term "system" meant to combine, to set up, to place together. A sub-system is a system which is part of another system. A system typically consists of components (or elements) which are connected together in order to facilitate the flow of information, matter or energy. 

The unified whole. That's what the customer wants to know about.  Each system is specifically tailored to the needs of the customer site.  We measure, calculate, design, and install the appropriate sub-systems, to achieve the optimum results for the customer.  Sounds simple, it should, we handle the details, We encourage the customer to participate as much or as little as desired.  We find the comfort level that suits the customer, from turn-key, to deep involvement, operation, training, etc.

At the system level, your STS will provide Class 1 Renewable electric power derived from sunlight for many years.

We've got a simple narrative, soup-to-nuts, and more detailed overview with breakdowns if you wish.  Contact Solar & Thermal for more info.




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