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Simplified diagram of the basic STS system

Lets take a look at some of those sub-systems that make up the STS as a whole.

  • PMP -- Parabolic Mirror Panels collect, concentrate and capture the energy in sunlight and are where boiling of the working fluid occurs.  Direct in-tube boiling improves the STS by removing one extra heat exchanger, and the the accompanying loss of efficiency.
  • AEG -- Ammonia Engine Generator is the where the turbine usually is in all those Rankine Cycle pictures you've ever seen.  The hot-gas expands, and gives up energy, turning the shaft.  The AEG operates as a programmable torque source.
  • EMC -- Energy Management Controller is the brain than makes the STS practical and superior to conventional feedback-controlled loops.  It monitors the AC power by observing the generator (and the AEG, and the PMP, and everything else too.)  It uses sophisticated algorithms to anticipate loads and fluctuations, and maintain the system in tip-top condition.  It also interacts with the customer through a web based interface
  • BOS -- Balance of System is simply everything else
  • FAN -- (you know, it moves air around) the fan and the condenser dump the waste heat to the atmosphere causing the working vapor to return to its liquid state.  We use high quality commercial condensers rated & approved for R-717 service.  Why make things more complicated than necessary?
  • Generator -- (60Hz, AC 1 or 3 Ph, Voltage as required) The other off the shelf component.  We use only top quality units from OEM's like Marathon, GE, etc.  Each generator is matched to the needs of the location.
  • Hookup -- That'd be the labor to install fuse-box, meter, safety switch, etc.




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