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Electricity is the most versatile form of energy... but there are others.

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 (Simulated Form)

  Our friends instinctively react to our proposal to limit our product to the generation of electricity with a statement that invariably begins with:

  "What if you were to... "  And that *is* as wonderful response...  It says to me that we've actually engaged them in meaningful thought and their desire to participate.  It's a great feeling.  So why the "simulated form"?

  That's easy.  We are concentrating our efforts on the first core competency, and we're focusing on the most generally acceptable application; electricity.  We're not discounting other applications, we're leaving those to other specialists.  Are we open to suggestions? Yes!  But the first answer will likely be another question.  And that question is: Are you willing to spend more money for that other solution?

  The STS equipment can be added to a combined heat and power cycle system (CHP).  The economical development of these systems is quite developed by providers other that STS, we may endeavor to partner with integrators of these systems.

  The applications of solar and/or thermal as the energy source, once converted to mechanical work, can be applied to other application variations.  Some simple applications include pumping water, mechanical air conditioning, transportation prime mover, the possibilities are endless.




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