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"Who do you serve? And who do you trust?"*

The broad interpretation is;
who can benefit from solar?

  This might be the most common question we get.  The answer is everybody... OK, down to the details.  We believe, without exception, that all mankind will benefit from the wide adoption of solar energy as a real component of their economic lives.  I suppose you could call this our "Crusade".

  The products are generally matched to the application, one of our advantages is that a single engine design can operate over a wide range of power levels.  Our standard engine conservatively rated at 250kW can reliably and efficiently drive a variety of generators from 50kW to 500kW.  This simplicity of design gives us great flexibility to meet our customers needs.  By altering a single design parameter, we can scale the basic engine up by a factor of 4 to a compound configuration.

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